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A few words in summary: mother, advocate, educator, critical and creative thinker, occasional artist, lover of life and learning.


Living in the city has entirely transformed my creative perspective. I am inspired by the gritty textures, contrasting patterns, vibrant and subdued colors that come in patches or parades. There’s nothing more energizing than looking at ordinary objects – reflections in puddles, scrawled messages, strangers and friends lingering in the park – and feeling like the world is sharing its most profound yet simplest beauty. The city has deepened my affinity for street art, uncultivated nature, and industrial layers of form and shape. I feel that the juxtaposition of enlightenment and isolation in the city informs my process and especially inspires my poetry. It is along these lines that I explore, seeing how worlds merge and exist within each other.

Art enables me to appreciate and analyze the world creatively. My main medium is constantly shifting from painting to photography to writing. At the moment I have a couple of creative projects that will combine them all...! Some of my art is simply representational whereas other pieces are more expressive, but my

goal is the same:

share the work so that it may

live beyond my creation.


Thank you!

An Eye in the Sky

There's something beyond me

I offer my arm, unhinge my hand


for the falling leaf,

the wink of serendipity,

and the ensuing eyelash

that flees and sweeps

through a canopy of trees

colored like loose change,

minted and meant to be,


tossed away

glimmering into

the darkening deep.

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